NEWS 17.04.2024

17.04.2024 Our Mentor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teracity Yazılım A.Ş. and DST Dijital Sağlık A.Ş., President of MARSIFED Federation, Chairman of BTSO IT Council and Board Member of TürkonfedWe had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Osman AKIN in our Kastamonu office. Mr. Osman’s experience and vision inspired us as always. Coming together […]

NEWS 26.03.2024

 26.03.2024  We would like to thank Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Hasan Gümüş and Branch Manager Mr. Vedat Terlemez for their kind visit to our Kastamonu R&D office. During the meeting where we presented our R&D activities, especially our artificial intelligence projects, we also had the opportunity to listen to the priorities in the […]

NEWS 29.01.2024

29.01.2024We evaluated the developments in our R&D project titled “Automatic Editing of Electronic Program Guide Data of Continuous Publications with Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Techniques”, which is also supported by KOSGEB, and the final point reached in the project with Mr. Kemal Akyol, who is the monitor of our project. We would like to […]

NEWS 23.01.2024

23.01.2024 We were very pleased that Mr. Hüseyin Mısırlıoğlu, Principal of Kastamonu Abdurrahmanpaşa High School, and Mr. Aytekin Aydınlı, one of our Kastamonu Deneyap Technology Workshop instructors, visited our Kastamonu Teknokent office. We evaluated our cooperation options to increase our students’ interest in technology and their competencies. As SAAT Teknoloji, we attach great importance to […]

NEWS 16.01.2024

16.01.2024 Our R&D project proposal titled “CONTEXT DETECTION WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN CONTINUOUS BROADCASTS AND VIDEO CONTENT FOR ENRICHED CONTENT DISCOVERY”, which we submitted to the Tübitak Teydeb 1707 program with Türk Telekom, was approved by Tübitak as worthy of support.  

NEWS 26.10.2023

26.10.2023 We would like to thank Muhammet Bilal Macit, General Manager of R&D Incentives at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Coşkun Çekiciler, Deputy General Manager of R&D Incentives, and İbrahim Karabulut, Head of Technology Development Zones Department, for honoring us with a visit to Kastamonu Technopolis. During the meeting where we presented information about […]

NEWS 04.08.2023

04.08.2023 We hosted the valuable executives of Türk Telekom in our Kastamonu Teknokent office in order to share the latest situation in our ongoing R&D projects and to determine our R&D roadmap for the new period. During the meetings, we underlined our determination and motivation to continue our R&D collaborations even stronger. We would like to […]

NEWS 15.06.2023

15.06.2023 Türk Telekom launched the new version of Tivibu with a remarkable and spectacular event. What a night it was… We are proud to be one of the technology providers of Tivibu. Our next generation software products help Türk Telekom deliver an enhanced experience to its customers. ATLAS-CMS: video content management system for pay TV operators, […]

NEWS 25.04.2023

25.04.2023 Our R&D project titled “Automatic Editing of Electronic Program Guide Data of Continuous Broadcasts with Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Techniques”, which we submitted to KOSGEB, was found worthy of support and approved. We will continue our work in the field of Innovation and R&D, which is our mission, with all our determination. Congratulations to […]

NEWS 23.01.2023

  23.01.2023 Within the scope of the project we partnered with, we hosted the valuable Türk Telekom Tivibu Technology team in our Kastamonu office. During the visit, which was held under the title of R&D AND INNOVATION COORDINATION AND VISION MEETING, we made presentations for our R&D projects that we have productized and are still […]